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dreaming beauty

it’s so beautiful that there’s nothing to say.


experiential marketing: the total consumed individual / living in the store

The space alive.

Anthropologie store New York, Chelsea market.

new york cry

so stressed, so fast, so amazing, so lonely, people, water in the streets, homeless, flashy colors, stunning words, flowers on the trees, cherry cokes and cupcakes, crying and screaming, kissing boyfriends, old men one a while, food, sausage smell, lunch and dinner, time, oh time, yellow and leather, quick heart beating, closing and opening, doors and shimmering glasses, light, oh light coming by the sky and cutting skycrapers facades, new languages and tones, streets, oh streets losing their direction in the skyline, people, people at the corner in the streets and rooftops, people talking, smiling, shouting and laughing, people looking at you, or not existing, people pouring energy one into another in the darkness of the night : new york, new york.

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  • Il riconoscimento facciale non ci azzecca alla polizia di Londra. E altri studi
    L’80% delle volte, il sistema di riconoscimento facciale usato dalla polizia di Londra sbaglia. L’80% delle volte. Lo hanno calcolato alcuni ricercatori dell’università dell’Essex (Forbes). In particolare sbaglia generando falsi positivi, cioè crede di riconoscere criminali e terroristi in persone assolutamente prive di precedenti. Percentuale ridicola. I po […]
    Luca De Biase
  • Mathew Ingram, James Carey, la media ecology, il giornalismo e la comunità
    Mathew Ingram, meritatissimamente, riceve oggi il James Carey Award della Media Ecology Association. Al congresso sulla Media Ethics, a Toronto, ha ricordato come Carey abbia sottolineato il fatto che le persone non cercano necessariamente nelle notizie una conoscenza di come stanno le cose e che invece ci trovano semplicemente conferme sulle loro convinzion […]
    Luca De Biase

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  • Paulo Coelho: Now Our Supporter
    by WorldReader Our library just got bigger. More precisely, three new books have been added to our existing collection of over 28,000 e-books. But these aren’t just any books – these three best-selling titles were donated by Paulo Coelho, considered to be one of the most influential authors of our times. The three donated books […]
    Paulo Coelho
  • Vacations!
    Although I enjoy my work a lot (once I tweeted: “if you do what you love, every day is a holiday”) I need to stop being in front of the computer – and this is the main reason for taking vacations. I will be back by the end of August. Meanwhile, you can download to […]
    Paulo Coelho

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