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dreaming beauty

it’s so beautiful that there’s nothing to say.


experiential marketing: the total consumed individual / living in the store

The space alive.

Anthropologie store New York, Chelsea market.

new york cry

so stressed, so fast, so amazing, so lonely, people, water in the streets, homeless, flashy colors, stunning words, flowers on the trees, cherry cokes and cupcakes, crying and screaming, kissing boyfriends, old men one a while, food, sausage smell, lunch and dinner, time, oh time, yellow and leather, quick heart beating, closing and opening, doors and shimmering glasses, light, oh light coming by the sky and cutting skycrapers facades, new languages and tones, streets, oh streets losing their direction in the skyline, people, people at the corner in the streets and rooftops, people talking, smiling, shouting and laughing, people looking at you, or not existing, people pouring energy one into another in the darkness of the night : new york, new york.

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  • Trivium reloaded
    Nel Medioevo, il trivium era la prima parte dello studio delle arti liberali e preparava gli studenti in tre materie: grammatica, logica e retorica. La profondità del pensiero disciplinare di questa parte del curriculum è testimoniata dalla sua perdurante capacità di fascinazione. In effetti, in quest’epoca di comunicazione, il trivium resta un pensiero gene […]
    Luca De Biase
  • I dati non sono petrolio. Riflettendo su un testo di Maria Savona
    La metafora estrattiva dei dati come petrolio dovrebbe essere superata (Nòva). I dati non sono una risorsa simile al petrolio. Hanno un grande valore, questo sì: ma lì finisce la metafora. Eppur per regolarne l’utilizzo, per immaginarne la capacità generativa di valore, per impedire gli abusi e liberalizzare la creatività, abbiamo bisogno di comprenderli. Pe […]
    Luca De Biase

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  • We and the critics
    I am convinced that most of you also feel hurt when someone criticizes your work. Don’t take critics too seriously. They don’t have the power to make (or to avoid) someone buying a book, a CD, or to go to an exhibition. Don’t give them the importance they don’t have. They are trying to make […]
    Paulo Coelho
  • 12/10 Viva N. Sra. Aparecida!
    Our Lady of Aparecida (Portuguese: Nossa Senhora Aparecida or Nossa Senhora da Conceií§í£o Aparecida) is a celebrated 18th-century clay statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the traditional form of the Immaculate Conception. The image is widely venerated by Brazilian Roman Catholics, who consider her as the principal patroness of Brazil.[1] Pious accounts cl […]
    Paulo Coelho

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