We are our animal guide.

Tonight, we’re going to open the green door — the heart chakra. And you open the door and you step inside.  We’re inside our heart.(it’s a bit crowded now, sorry for bothering you) Now, imaging your pain as a white ball of healing light (yeah darling. if my pain is a healing light I am santa claus in swimsuite) That’s right, the pain itself is a ball of healing light. (No, that’s not so right. Pain is pain and it fucking hurts my heart!) You’re going deeper into your cave. (I am already into a cave, and I would love to step out of here! can you see this? it’s cold and dark!) And you’re going to find your power animal… (yes. a peg leg flamingo  – eg “fenicottero con la gamba di legno”) Tell me your animal guide and I will tell you who you are.

Thank you. I will follow you Master. Now I see the light! (jumping) It’s God! Yes!! Oh my God!

From a dialogue between:

Karni Ishna – Contemporary New Wave Age Asian Modern Guru

Luigi Pinzoccheri, his Student


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