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our magic world

we seem more and more creating and living in a magic world where dreams and fantasy atmospheres are almost real

is this a need or expression of uneasyness in this kind of society ?

autumn cleanings and visual arrogance

Alice just arrived into this strange world. She is in search of the true meaning of Brandland. She has no more words ’cause Brandland seems made of pictures and words do serve no more the scope.

what is a trend

” Tracking consumer trends, then, is a crucial way to gain relevant inspiration, helping you dream up profitable new goods, services and experiences for (and with) your customers. In short, trend watching should ultimately lead to profitable innovation.”


TREND: “A novel manifestation of something that has unlocked or serviced an existing (and hardly ever changing) consumerneed*,desire, want, or value.”

via trendwatching

dreaming beauty

it’s so beautiful that there’s nothing to say.

let’s go and save the world

looking at the sculpture in Tuileries garden (paris) during the FIAC fair. we would be looking at a breack-up of united states. most probably a breack-up  into a sort of chinese game of pick-up sticks. however, the big question is: the pioneer instinct is a true source of positivism and energy, and this is rooted in north-american population and culture, most sensibly when living in nyc. may  it come from ancient freedom, adventure, even conflicts. it’s strong and sensible. will it be again the same source to help united states (and occidental culture) facing this potential breack-up ?

back to the real world / partakers

Last scene of all,

That ends this strange eventful history,

Is second childishness and mere oblivion. Is it?

i wanna try

A question for you.

Is this the example of a typical human being (consumer) of the 19th century?

training days

Alice is in training. Just to be ready to face the new world coming, asked for help to master Pai Mei.

experiential marketing: the total consumed individual / living in the store

The space alive.

Anthropologie store New York, Chelsea market.

the smashing box

Is my car representing me, or am I representing my car. A new conception of mobility at the door.

Would you take the red pill and fall through the rabbit hole?
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  • Pubblico o privato… comunità
    Questo post è per condividere interrogativi, in un momento in cui aumenta la spesa pubblica, ci piaccia o no. E dunque: meglio pubblico o privato? Il dibattito pubblico italiano può diventare particolarmente violento e maleducato soprattutto quando si tratta di criticare il settore pubblico: dai politici alla burocrazia. Ma questo comportamento non si ferma […]
    Luca De Biase
  • McKinsey: quanto ci metteranno i vari settori a ritornare alla loro dimensione economica pre-covid?
    Secondo McKinsey, alcuni settori impiegheranno molti anni per ritornare al livello di contributo al Pil che avevano prima dell’epidemia. I settori più colpiti, da questo punto di vista, ci metteranno anche cinque anni a recuperare il livello perduto. Eccoli: – arte, divertimento – ospitalità, ristorazione – servizi per l’educazione Vedi: COVID-19 recovery in […]
    Luca De Biase

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  • Vacations!
    Although I enjoy my work a lot (once I tweeted: “if you do what you love, every day is a holiday”) I need to stop being in front of the computer – and this is the main reason for taking vacations. I will be back by the September. Meanwhile, you can download to your phone […]
    Paulo Coelho
  • Citations de Paulo Coelho
    – Un peu de folie est nécessaire pour faire un pas de plus. – Le courage est la peur qui fait ses prières. – On ne s’aperçoit pas toujours que l’on parcourt chaque jour un nouveau chemin. – Toutes les batailles de la vie nous enseignent quelque chose, même celles que nous perdons. – La […]

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